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Emma [userpic]
by Emma (jfemp88)
at January 11th, 2009 (11:25 pm)

Hello again.

I want to know if any other fours can also identify with sevens? there is no 4 7 wing although I feel I truly am a mix of them. I have improved greatly over the past years. Once comforted by my dellusions depression self defeating overly sensitive self now... in my greatest state I am extremely energetic positive and feel the need to try everything, and end up starting far too many things but not necessarily getting much done and in turn feeling scattered. I attribute a great deal of this to the 7 personality type, or if it just manifests in that way in having far more energy and experience than I used to.

I also want to mention something that has transformed my life, or allowed a transformation is daily streneous exercise. I was overweight my whole adolescent life, which was one way my anxiety was furthered and why I felt so depressed and isolated as well as misunderstood, overly sensitive, cynical and moody. I have changed a great deal and consciously try and remain positive which is one way in which I have helped myself but this has really happened I feel because of daily exercising which has given me far more positive energy and has allowed me to rid of overly emotional sensitive states.I really feel strongly about this and really hope other fours can relate to this and I encourage anyone who is feeling depressed and lives in negativity and melancholy to really seek some form of exercise because it honestly can transform that state to the opposite, and then you become addicted to the positivity and feeling good! Ha. Anyway just something I wanted to share. Apologize if I sound preachy.  I just know how secluded and depressed us fours can feel but know the opposite side when you just feel so connected and positive.


Posted by: Sofia. (afro_kid)
Posted at: January 12th, 2009 05:07 am (UTC)
Syd Bed

Actually, when I made my enneagram test the result said that I was a type 4 or 7, which would be a mix of them, but I've never heard of a 4w7. :/

Posted by: Mary (empty_party)
Posted at: January 14th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
audrey kawasaki

Do you have a 3 wing by any chance? Or an sx/sp subtype stacking? Because I happened to have read both of those 4 types as resembling 7's. Oh and as I understand it when 4's are healthier they are better able to live in the moment, which is something that I understand comes quite naturally to 7's, and all you mentioned in the second paragraph leads me to see you have integrated to that point quite well.

Also, though, I think a big theme with the enneagram is that our type is our primary fixation more or less, so it would make sense that we could have other fixations that didn't necessarily relate to the 4 type. I have major sixish issues and actually have tended to test as 6 more often than 4, but I am well aware that while I do have issues with fear and security I am more preoccupied with fourish issues such as shame and self image.

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